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Should Bondi Hipsters Have Been Picked as Finalists for CLEO’s Bachelor of the Year?

You’re either going to love or hate who CLEO magazine have included in its Top 30 Bachelors for 2014. Bondi Hipsters Dom Nader and Adrian Archer — real nahms Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshie — have been featured in a behind-the-scenes teaser video for this year’s list, with the full lineup to be announced on Monday.

Repping a totes-underground Mickey Mouse muscle-bearing singlet and pink sequined-crown sweater, complete with leaning-against-the-wall blue-steel poses, the boys, who make a mockery of Sydney-based hipsters, looked fully farshun in their photoshoot with CLEO.

And while we can’t deny that boys are amazeballs and comfortably sitting in our YouTube Favourites, the closet feminist within us can’t help that the pair are all wrong for the magazines highly acclaimed competition.

Their pick-up lines seem to always result in an over-the-top club pash or an always-romantic portaloo session mid-festival, regardless of the negging tactics which, more often than not, border on harassment. Funny? Sometimes. Rude? Always. Example-setters? Definitely not. We’re not sure CLEO did their research on this one.

That being said, there’s a reason Adrian has the busiest digits in Bondi, and we’re sure it’s for more reasons than his totes-hipster beard and specs-wearing sidekick. They could easily be the healthiest guys in the Eastern Suburbs, opting for organic and gluten-free, snacking on celery, or trading up bacon for field mushrooms whenever they can.

Did we mention they get all their cool threads from General Pants? So dreamy. If any of you single ladies shop at Target, though, look elsewhere because the boys hate Tar-jay. Our tips? Start using words like presh, deets, sitch and babes, or catch the 333 from Bondi Beach to Circular Quay for a fighting chance with the eco-conscious fellows.

Whether they are a good pick of not for a magazine targeted towards impressionable 18-24 year-old girls, we know we’ll be picking up a copy of CLEO‘s September issue come Monday. If the teaser video is anything to go by, Dom and Adrian are going to look fab. We hear there’s around 29 other babes to feast our eyes on too.