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Who Did the #IceBucketChallenge Better? Victoria Beckham vs. Jean Paul Gaultier

Had enough of the ALS #IceBucketChallenge yet? These fashion designers certainly have not. After her husband David and son Brooklyn got in on the fun, Victoria Beckham picked up the gauntlet thrown down by her friend Eva Longoria and got not one, but two buckets full of ice water poured over her head. The pressure threw the already-kneeling designer to the ground, who nominated her son Cruz, Katie Holmes and Tom Ford (we’re dying to see that one) to take the challenge next.

Victoria carried out her challenge with almost Wintour-level dignity. Almost. Because none is more dignified than Anna, except maybe Queen Elizabeth II. MAYBE.

But perhaps the strangest interpretation of the challenge yet comes from Jean Paul Gaultier, who didn’t really carry out the challenge as he was supposed to. But, he’s an artist, so it’s OK for him to break the rules every once in awhile. First off, he starts the challenge already wet, submerged in a swimming pool from the waist down. We thought the point of the challenge was to see people actually get wet before our eyes, but you know, semantics. The designer also makes use of an “accessoire indispensable” — a dish cover — to protect his head from the hail of ice cubes. After his Speedo-clad pool boy dumps the water on Gaultier’s topper, the designer sinks down into the pool, still with the dish cover on his head, and swims away. A little bizarre? Oui. But it is demonstrative of why we love Gaultier so much. 

So, who executed the #IceBucketChallenge better? We’re going to go with Victoria, although Gaultier’s efforts will always have a special place in our hearts. Victoria actually went from completely dry to completely wet, and though we always appreciate the opportunity to oogle a hottie in a Speedo, the dish cover, and the fact that Gaultier was already in the pool, sort of defeats the purpose.

You win this time, VB.

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