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Donatella Versace Latest Designer to Do The ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Just when we thought we were sick of seeing famous people dump ice water over their heads, Donatella Versace comes to remind us that no, indeed we are not, and watching the rich and famous get cold and wet will never not be extremely entertaining.

The Versace VP adds to the growing list of designers taking the ALS #IceBucketChallenge today. The designer sits, flanked by two shirtless models clad only in layered gold chains and black jeans with Versace boxers peeking over. Naturally. Donatella accepts the challenge in all white, nominating Pharrell Williams, Prince and (we think, it was a little hard to understand!) Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, which is a totally random choice.

“I’m not just here for doing the makeup,” Versace reminds viewers, encouraging them to donate, before getting distracted for a moment. The minute she seems to forget the purpose of the videos, the dutiful male models pour iceless water over her head from Versace-brand buckets. As one does.

Yes, it’s as great as it sounds. Watch the whole thing above. 

[via YouTube]