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Is Cara Delevingne Preparing Her Blue Steel for Zoolander 2?

There’s nothing we like more than a bit of sensationalized gossip, especially when the rumours are saying that Cara Delevingne might be starring in the new Zoolander sequel, which will be directed by Justin Theroux.

Cara Delevingne

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According to The Sun, Ben Stiller is apparently on the prowl for a female star who is just as really, really, ridiculously good-looking as him to feature in the upcoming film alongside himself and Owen Wilson. And the British model has been rumoured to be in talks with him about the role. As a source told The Sun, “Ben and producers want a big-name model for the film and they need to be jokers and full of natural comedy, they are still working out what the exact role will be but it’s likely to include a lot of goofing around.”

It has also been rumoured that Suki Waterhouse has been considered, but it wouldn’t come as a huge surprise if Cara does get cast as her impressive facial expressions could give Derek Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” a run for its money. Moreover, Cara is really earning respect as a budding actress of late. Ever since her appearance in Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina, she has been cast in a number of exciting new features coming out in the next year, including London Fields, Kids in Love and Tulip Fever. Looks like this will be the icing on her acting cake.