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Miley Cyrus Lies Down in a Pile of Stuffed Animals for V Magazine (Forum Buzz)

V Magazine‘s latest issue is about to hit stands, and for this edition’s rebel theme, it tapped Disney diva-cum-wannabe and twerk team captain Miley Cyrus for the cover. The “Wrecking Ball” singer, still enjoying the fruits of the bad girl persona she adopted for her Bangerz album, poses on a pile of stuffed animals wearing a furry monokini with her arms behind her head and knees akimbo. Industry overlord Karl Lagerfeld photographed the singer for the issue, and many of our forum members are giving the Kaiser props for nailing the shot. 


Image: V magazine

Definitely better than her previous [V] cover. Shame that Karl photographed better than Testino,” fluxxx wrote.

I don’t like Miley but let’s not deny that this cover is the best Karl has done this year,” coutugh opined. It is a progress from her previous raunchy V cover, too. I am not complaining tbh. Karl will probably disappoint us with the spread though.” 

[J.]Oliver seemed quite pleased: “ANYTHING would be better than her last cover(s), but I really like this.”

Most took issue with the cover subject and her “rebel” status. Quite a few of our forum members find Miley’s schtick well…a little contrived. “I wouldn’t say [she] was ‘provoking’ as the tagline might suggest,” LastNight offered. “I don’t think Miley is that provocative either – just the classic ‘good girl gone wild’ transformation that the world is still ‘shocked’ by for some reason, but really it’s nothing that interesting or indeed shocking.” 

Others were simply sick of seeing her, like DutchHomme, who mentioned that he’s, “Getting tired of anti-role models on magazines.” 

But besides a few quips about Ms. Cyrus’ public persona, not everyone was feeling the shot in general. To VogueDisciple93, the cover, “Looks like bad LaChapelle work.” Ouch.

What do you think of V Magazine‘s latest cover? Head over to the forums and join in on the discussion.