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Model Stephanie Smith Defends Choice to Eat Meat with a Social Media Rant

20-year-old social-media-sensation and model Stephanie Smith has apparently been copping a lot of flak about her diet, because today she decided to tell her 439K+ Instagram followers why she chooses to eat meat. 

“I eat meat because I love the taste and the way it makes me feel,” she wrote to her Instagram. “I’m sorry but it’s the circle of life.” Stephanie, who has modelled for the likes of Seafolly and Dotti, then went on to pull out the oldest meat-eater excuse in the book. “There will always be more meat eaters out there than vegetarians, so that raw steak will be sitting in the supermarket for sale whether I eat it or somebody else eats it.”

She’s a bit sick of people giving her grief about her choice to eat animals, writing, “Stop giving me crap about my decision to eat meat because just like anyone else, it’s up to me what I want to do.” We got your back, Stephanie. Just because you’re in the public eye you shouldn’t have to give anything up — meat included. Plus, you’ve got a bangin’ bod, so whatever you’re eating is doing a darn good job.

To read the entire rant, head over to Stephanie’s post here. She also talks about her boyfriend and her eyebrows, with a complimentary video which you can watch below.