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Rodarte and The Zoe Report Do a Capsule Collection

Here’s a collaboration we didn’t see coming: Rachel Zoe‘s The Zoe Report just rolled out its latest crop of designs for its second-ever “Collective” capsule, which this time around features designs by Rodarte‘s Kate and Laura Mulleavy. For those eager to shop, you’re in luck because the six-style limited-edition collection just launched on The Zoe Report today.

For the exclusive range, you’ll find new iterations of Rodarte’s famous T-shirts, rendered in metallic lettering. As an added bonus, you can accessorize your “Radarte” or “Rohearte” T-shirt with a necklace or bracelet of Swarovski crystal baubles, complete with a butterfly charm for those times you wish to serve middle school dance realness.

The collection is pretty pricey — a T-shirt will set you back $113, a sweatshirt rings in at $154 and you can expect to shill out $230 for the charm bracelet and $299 for the necklace.

Is it worth it? Sure, for Rodarte fans and people OK with spending $100 on a T-shirt that’s only 38 percent cotton. But we can’t lie — we’re really digging this new take on the Radarte tee.