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Get Keen for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2014 with Bassike’s VFNO T-Shirt

Any event with Vogue attached to it is destined to be fabulous. That’s why we’re so excited for the annual Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, which takes place this Thursday, September 4. So are a bunch of stylish models and celebs, who are backing the event by clogging our Instagram feeds with shots of themselves in black and white Vogue T-shirts.

The official VFNO T-shirt design is by Bassike‘s Mary Lou Ryan and Deborah Sams, in collaboration with the Vogue team. It’s made of cotton jersey, and, just like Bassike, the piece is totally basic. It reads “Vogue Australia” on the front, and a sports jersey style “VFNO 14” at the back.

VFNO Bassike 2014

Photo: David Jones

You’ll keep seeing it beyond Instagram, though, with Vogue staff sporting the T-shirt for the official event. It could get confusing because the general public can buy the piece online as well.