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Rebecca Judd Claims Shapewear is for Skinny Girls Too

Rebecca Judd is one very slender woman. Surely there’s no reason this blogger and model would ever turn to shapewear, right? Wrong. Rebecca has taken to her blog, Rebecca Judd Loves, to fight the misconception that shapewear is only for the plus-sized woman.

“I believe there are benefits to be had from wearing shapewear whether you’re skinny, plus sized, ‘average’ sized, post natal, the list goes on,” she wrote.

Rebecca claims to have used Nancy Ganz shapewear after the birth of both her children, and apparently also wears them now at her current size. She refers to her current body shape as “a skinny frame which is more akin to a 12 year old boy’s than a 31 year old woman’s!”

But it looks like shapewear helps give her, well, shape. She believes it lifts her bum, smooths bumps, and gives her a waist. “I have a very straight up and down figure, and a gentle lift of the booty and cinching of the waist makes me look and feel more womanly. I love it,” she wrote.

Read the entire blog post here.