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Making Fashion Personal: WonderLuk Uses 3-D Printing Technology

bracelet 2

U.K.-based WonderLuk is an accessories brand making fashion personal by employing cutting-edge 3D printing technology to create avant-garde accessories. There’s no mass production involved, which means you can infuse your outfits with a totally individual flair. Plus, it’s also interesting to know that these designs can’t be created without a 3D printer, making it extra difficult for high street retailers to emulate.

Covering everything from statement earrings to necklaces, prices range from £18 to £140 and up. The brand’s Kaleidoscope (above) and Fold (below) bracelets are amongst the standout pieces that are definitely demanding our attention.  

bracelet 1

Is digital printing set to change the fashion game? Well, only time will tell, but with prestigious institutes like London’s Central Saint Martins encouraging designers to embrace the digital world, a design shift is definitely in the air.