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Watch: Gisele Bündchen Kickboxes in Spite of the Haters for Under Armour

Image: Courtesy Under Armour

Image: Courtesy of Under Armour

Just earlier this week, Gisele Bünchen was announced as the new face of Under Armour. We can’t lie, it was a little perplexing. Under Armour has a history of choosing athletes to front its campaigns, so it seemed a little out of character and perhaps slightly off-brand that it would go with a model this time around. But it looks like the good people at the athletic brand anticipated these very feelings.

Today, Under Armour released Gisele’s full film as part of the “I Will What I Want” campaign and it pretty much puts any question of the model’s athleticism to rest. Gisele is filmed going to town on a punching bag. Her grunts and panting are the very opposite of the glamorous, poised model we’re used to seeing on the runway and in magazines. She’s working her body like a true athlete. In the background flashing on the walls are real Internet comments about her appearance and her involvement with the brand. The comments range from the not-so-nice like “Gisele is just a model” and “Is modeling now a sport?” to full-on praise like “Beautiful as always” and “Bravo! Gisele can do anything!”

But even with all the background chatter and outside opinions, Gisele stays focused on her workout. Under Armour also unveiled a dedicated web destination that plays the video, but with real-time comments on her affiliation with the label. 

Watch Gisele get her kickboxing on below.