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Last Night’s Altuzarra x Target Party Took Place in a Literal Hall of Mirrors

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

While the rest of the world waits patiently for Target‘s collaboration with Altuzarra to drop, the fashion set got a head start on the shopping last night during an event to celebrate the collaboration. Target’s parties for its designer collaborations always draw a crowd, and last night proved to be no exception. The venue was packed.

Guests stood almost shoulder-to-shoulder wielding champagne glasses as they tried to navigate the space, which was a veritable hall of mirrors. Interspersed throughout the venue were small, mirrored salons, which featured mannequins dressed in pieces from the line. Above, a cascade of blue and yellow Christmas lights twinkled, likely to mimic the feeling of being in some sort of enchanted space. I can’t lie — the setup was dizzying to say the least. And the rhythmic pumping of the bass in the background music didn’t help — it just made the mirrors quiver, and made me wonder if I’d already had too much to drink after a single glass of wine. The place was so crowded, you couldn’t even find celebrity guests Naomie Harris, Keri Russell and Naomi Watts in the mass of people. 

Mixing and mingling weren’t the reasons why most of us were there — part of the point, of course, was to shop the full range at the boutique included toward the rear of the space. Before swilling the last drops of white wine (beverages were not allowed in the shopping area), we made our way into the boutique, which for the amount of people it was servicing, was pretty neat. Many props to the Target employees for top-notch upkeep. Women tried on the pieces, mostly over their own clothing in the open area that was outfitted with plenty of mirrors, of course. Hot-ticket items included a $49.99 structured dress with crane embroidery, which was pretty much sold out save for two stray size 8 and 14s floating around, the matching crane sweatshirt and the simple, blue striped button-down, which one fashion editor I spoke to said she’d have to find a cool way to style, since she’d seen plenty of women picking it up for themselves.

Altuzarra’s collection for Target is expected to hit Target stores, and Net-a-Porter on September 14. We’ve already got our hands on our favorite pieces (although that crane dress eluded us). 

In the meantime, get acquainted with what the line has to offer and take a peek at all the looks from the range