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Shu Uemura’s Choupette Lagerfeld-Inspired Collection Is More Adorable Than We Thought

In the world of cute fashion pets, it simply does not get more adorable than Choupette Lagerfeld. With apologies to Cecil Delevingne (also unfairly cute), Choupette reigns as queen of fashion industry pets who are famous in their own right. But you can call her the O.G. of cute, furry fashion companions. 

Since meowing into the heart of Kaiser Karl, Choupette has gotten plenty of attention from the industry at large, partly because of her famous father, but mostly because she is just so freakin’ cute to look at. Seeing the appeal of the snowball-hued feline, Shu Uemura decided to partner with Miss Choupette and her daddy for a holiday makeup collaboration, inspired, of course, by the pretty kitty. 

Now WWD has more details on the forthcoming “Shupette” collection, and surprise, it is as adorable as we thought it would be. The line will offer eyeshadow and lip palettes, false lashes, glitter powder, blush, cleansing oil and an under base mousse. Emblazoned on the packaging are drawings of Choupette, done by Karl and colored using Shu Uemura makeup products. Also on tap are nail polish, an eyelash curler, a brush set and a makeup trunk. 

It is all very cute, and we’re sure Mademoiselle Choupette has plenty of approving mews to give for this range.

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