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Here’s What We Know About the New Apple Watch

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

For months, folks have been buzzing about Apple’s latest unveiling and today, after much speculation, the tech giant has revealed not only the iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 Plus, but its new wearable option the Apple Watch. This new product comes at a time when wearables are all the rage – just ask Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch and Polo Ralph Lauren, so you know Apple had to get in on the fun. After all, with the release of Google Glass, it’s only natural that Apple would clap back with a cool wearable.

As with any new product, there’s a lot of new information to take in – especially for a launch like this. Apple’s technology could revolutionize the wearable market and it sounds like we need to start getting used to it. There’s a lot of information out there about the watch, but we gathered everything we could find out about it:

  • It’s stylish: Well, duh, of course it is – it’s a wearable after all, and no one wants to wear anything ugly. There are several different watch faces to choose from, as well as six interchangeable straps ranging from the loud and sporty (like a neon yellow band) to sleek and chic. We bet that brands will soon be jumping on the chance to collaborate and open up a whole new market for designers.  
  • There will be three different types of Apple Watches: Users can choose between the Apple Watch, crafted from stainless steel, a sportier option, and the super fancy Apple Watch Edition, which boasts 18 karat gold hardware. 
  • There is a large and small version: People with tiny wrists, rejoice! Apple is offering two sizes to accommodate delicate-boned users. 
  • There are several watch faces to choose from: A flapping butterfly, swimming jellyfish – you can even have Mickey Mouse on your watch. Perhaps we can look forward to more options in the future? Only time can tell. 
  • The watch can sense when you raise your wrist: IT KNOWS EVERYTHING. When you move your wrist, it activates the display.
  • It’s the first Apple product that Steve Jobs had no hand in creating: But we think Mr. Jobs would have been proud.
  • It’s more expensive than the cheapest iPad: Prices start at $349. Compare that to the iPad mini, which starts at $299.
  • The watches interact with each other: There is an option you can use to “get someone’s attention.” Tap the screen and it sends a digital alert that someone is trying to contact you.
  • It is expected to release in early 2015: So start saving your dollars NOW.
  • It tracks your daily activity: It can tell whether you run, walk or stay put.
  • It’s got a crown: The side of the watch has a dial, which they’re calling the “digital crown,” which allows you to shuffle through apps and displays. You can quickly zoom into an app by turning it. 
  • It checks your pulse: You can even send someone your own heartbeat ,which is only slightly creepy.
  • It syncs to your iPhone: Naturally, the Apple Watch is going to work in tandem with some of your other Apple devices. According to myfox, it will pair with the new iPhones to send notifications right to your wrist.

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