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Watch: Anna Wintour Is Sick of the Word “Journey” and More Things We Found Out from ’73 Questions’

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Anyone who’s ever wanted to pepper Anna Wintour with quickfire questions (everyone) will be very interested in this interview The Scene did with the Vogue editrix, stopping by her office to ask her 73 “crucial” questions. Let’s just say, we discover a lot about Ms. Wintour, and for that we are ever grateful. 

A few highlights:

  • Anna’s sick of fashion people using the word “Journey”
  • She prefers Downtown New York to Uptown (well, duh)
  • To her, Brooklyn is the “new Silicon Valley”
  • She’s afraid of spiders
  • She would never wear black from head-to-toe
  • Pride and Prejudice is her favorite book
  • She hates horoscopes
  • She would be down to get into basketball
  • She doesn’t drink

It’s illuminating. Check out Anna’s answers to all 73 questions in the clip below.

[via The Scene]