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Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Fashion Week Goers Into Talking About Made-Up Designers

Image: Jimmy Kimmel

Image: Jimmy Kimmel

New York Fashion Week is a zoo. Anyone who has been will tell you that much. In addition to editors, buyers, bloggers and assorted members of the press, there are plenty of IRL housewives (not the ones you see on Bravo) and industry insider hopefuls who attend…or just hang outside Lincoln Center in hopes of being snapped by a street style photographer.

While you may expect these fashion enthusiasts to be knowledgeable about actual fashion, the sad (and in this case, hilarious) truth is that they’re sometimes not. Last year, Jimmy Kimmel Live! hit the streets to see if the show could get people to comment on made-up fashion designers, trends and events — and plenty of people took the bait. It was so popular, that the late night talk show did it again. Peep the video below to see what Fashion Week goers had to say about the collections from designers like Betsy Ross (the woman who designed the American flag), Phil Robertson (of Ducky Dynasty fame) and Bartles & Jaymes (the guys who make wine coolers).

Besides being hilarious, this video proves once again that it’s really easy to bullshit when you’re talking about fashion.

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