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Roxy Jacenko’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Is on Facebook Now, Too

Have you met the most tech-savvy infant alive? First she took Instagram by storm. And now PR queen Roxy Jacenko‘s 3-year-old daughter, Pixie Curtis, has started up a Facebook account. The pint-sized redhead had already raked in more than 530 likes, even though she joined the social media platform just days ago.

Pixie shared the seemingly exciting news with her over 78,000 Instagram followers, which is probably how she’s garnered such an impressive Facebook following so quickly. “I just launched my official #pixiecurtis #facebook page! Be sure to LIKE for special offers from and bhs the scenes snap shots not seen here xxx (it’s my day off and she has me working – geez louise)!”

“She” undoubtedly refers to manager-mum Roxy. The businesswoman owns both Sweaty Betty PR and the creative management company which represents Pixie, Ministry of Talent. Earlier this year, Australian Women’s Weekly exposed that Pixie cleans up a nice $200 for her piggy bank when she mentions a brand on her Instagram.

The little chicky-babe probably made more in a day than some of us would in a week. For example, just yesterday Pixie mentioned Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. We predict the newest addition to the family, Hunter Curtis, is next in line for social media domination. Although he was only born this May, the baby already has an Instagram account with over 4,000 followers.

Hunter is yet to post a photo to his account, but Pixie mentions her lil’ bro from time to time when she’s not promoting her hair bow collection, Pixies Bows.