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Karl Lagerfeld Hates Your Selfies, Calls Journalists ‘Basic’

Image: SIPA/

Image: SIPA/

Any interview with Karl Lagerfeld is guaranteed to be filled with quotes that can only accurately be described as “gems.” The Chanel creative director is never shy about lending his opinion to anyone who cares to listen. This morning, WWD published a little Q&A with the designer and of course, the sit-down is not without some great quips from Mr. Lagerfeld. A few highlights:

Most journalists are “basic”: There are not so many who know how to write decently about fashion and who have the technical knowledge and culture. The others are very basic: They want to be trendy. They think trendiness is more important than knowledge.”

On social media:Those social networks, there’s something sad about them. Is it because they don’t have enough knowledge about friends and people? I don’t understand it. It’s like a talkative mirror where people talk to themselves. And what I hate most in life is selfies.”

On preferring to do live interviews:When they can cut things, I don’t like it as much. Sometimes they cut something and say, ‘Well, you would get in trouble, you would get a lawsuit.’ I tell them, ‘Well, I don’t want my lawyers to be unemployed.'”

Karl Lagerfeld pays for the books from his own bookshop:It’s not difficult for me to buy books. And I pay for books in my own bookshop. I get only a 5 percent discount. I am very much against the idea that you get it for free because it’s your bookshop.”

Oh Karl, never change. 

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