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Iggy Azalea Spends 1-Year Anniversary with Boyfriend at Target

Iggy Azalea Nick Young Red Carpet

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Iggy Azalea and boyfriend Nick Young decided to spend their one-year anniversary at Target this week, with the Aussie rapper writing, “It’s our anniversary #SeriousTho #LoveYouBoo,” alongside a snap of the couple at the department store.

We’re thinking we must’ve missed the memo about how truly romantic Target is, but there’s good reason the pair spent their relationship milestone amongst affordable price tags.

In an interview on The Breakfast Club Radio Show, Iggy spoke up about her very first date with Nick. “It’s pretty funny actually,” she said. “I was like, Target is my favourite place. I want to go to Target.” Iggy thinks you can “really get to know someone in Target”, and the surroundings on the fateful night sparked conversations about quilts, movies and snacks.

Still don’t quite get it? Neither do we. But whatever Target did for the couple over a year ago, it clearly established a solid foundation for their relationship. Men, take your ladies to Target. It’s that simple.