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Andreja Pejic Had a Fantastic AMA Session on Reddit

Andreja Pejic

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On Monday, we were all treated to perhaps one of the best AMAs on Reddit: Model Andreja Pejic fielded questions from fans for an hour, with questions ranging from modeling and her career to transitioning from male to female. It was a wonderfully supportive discussion — kind of surprising given Reddit’s reputation.

We rounded up some of our favorite questions and answers, and have become even bigger fans of Andreja after this.

Which are easier and/or more fun to model, men’s clothes or women’s clothes?

Which is easier – well I can only speak for my personal experience, I was always drawn to more feminine things, so I felt a lot more comfortable in women’s clothes and enjoyed them more. But there’s something really cool about dressing as the opposite gender too. So I’ve enjoyed both.

What is your daily eyebrow maintenance routine? They look amazing!

Thank you!

Well I don’t mess with them TOO much because bushy eyebrows are very much in right now. I just have a beautician that cleans them up, every month I would say? But it’s very minimal. The key is minimal.

Since you’re probably the only person who truly knows, how would you say the treatment differs between male and female models in the industry? Have you noticed any dramatic changes?

Yeah, there’s a big difference between how male models & female models are treated.

Definitely female models are at a higher level in the industry, it’s a business, so women definitely dominate. I think male modeling is still developing and to be a male model is still developing, whereas to be a female model is very much developed.

Wanna go out with me? I’ve got a coupon for the Olive Garden.


I like Red Lobster better.

What do you think people misunderstand most about transgender people today?

I would say the fact that we are human beings like anyone else, and we strive to have happy and fulfilling lives, like anyone else. And that we are like everybody else.

Hi Andreja, another big fan of yours here. My question is what’s your favorite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory is the first time I received a Barbie from a neighbor, because I kept begging my mom to buy me a Barbie, I never got one, so my neighbor donated one to me. So that was a nice.

For more, check out the AMA.