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Eva Mendes Gives Birth to The Most Beautiful Baby in the World

Image: Dominic Chan/

Image: Dominic Chan/

North West, you’ve got some competition.

Us magazine is reporting that beautiful lady Eva Mendes just gave birth to beautiful man Ryan Gosling‘s girl-child (which we will NOT refer to as a gosling unless we’re talking about the child’s surname) on Friday, September 12. If you’re thinking, “Wait, didn’t she just announce her pregnancy? How is this child already born?” The answer is: the Mendes-Gosling team is very good at keeping secrets. Mendes was rumored to have already been seven months pregnant when the announcement was made which in July, which if we do the math, means her baby is right on schedule. 

Needless to say, this child is probably going to be the most gorgeous little girl in the world. Baby Mendes-Gosling, what we would give to be in your place right now you beautiful little tyke!

Congratulations to Eva and Ryan!

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