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Serious Actress Cara Delevingne Lands Another Film Role



Cara Delevingne is steady on the road to becoming a full-blown thespian in the tradition of Milla Jovovich. She has already lined up a few acting gigs — appearing in Sky Arts’Timeless movie and she’s expected to be in the upcoming Pan flick. She is also rumored to be the next Bond Girl, and there may or may not be a part in a Beach Boys musical in her future. But for now, it looks like Cara D has scored herself another role. This time, she is slated to appear alongside Nat Wolff in Paper Towns, an adaptation of the John Green best-selling young adult novel.

The Fox 2000-backed film is adapted by the team behind The Fault in Our Stars. The premise? A pair of young neighbors finds the dead body of a man who committed suicide. The friends start to drift and as their relationship wanes, Nat shows up at Cara’s window dressed as a ninja (we don’t know, either). For some reason, this prompts Cara’s character to recruit Nat to exact revenge on her enemies…right before she leaves town without a trace. He then begins a campaign to locate the missing Cara. 

Yup, the plotline is a little non sequitur-y, but we’re sure if anyone can bring meaning to the madness, it’s Eyebrows McGee.

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