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H&M to Release Conscious Denim Collection

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty

H&M remains dedicated to its conscious initiative with the announcement of the new Conscious Denim line, which is expected to be in stores come October 2. An extension of its annual conscious collection, there will be both men’s and women’s offerings, which includes everything from raw denim jeans to jumpsuits and jackets.

H&M determined which washes to use for the collection based on their impact on the environment. Helena Henderson, the brand’s head of sustainability, told WWD that the retailer has “worked hard to reduce the environmental impact from the washing processes alongside using materials that are more sustainable.”

H&M will also use a dedicated website to give customers information on how to take care of their denim in environmentally-friendly ways. Look for the “Clever Care” label on the pieces, which will direct you to all the information.

Can’t wait to see what H&M cooks up!

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