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Who is Photoshopping Beyoncé’s Thighs in Her Personal Pictures?

You would think that after the last debacle, Beyoncé‘s social media team would be more careful about altering the singer’s Instagram pictures. Just a few months ago, Bey was accused of ‘shopping her thighs in an image of her on a golf course. Indeed, the “Partition” singer’s thighs did look a little unusual. Today, she’s being accused once again of tampering with her images.

A recent image of Bey posted to her website pictures her bikini-clad, flash tattoo-stamped body descending the stairs on a very fancy yacht. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the stairs in between Bey’s legs looked warped – a telltale sign that some sort of enhancement tool was used on the photograph. 

Why even bother? Beyoncé: your thighs are perfect. Leave them alone. Most women would KILL to have Bey’s figure, so we’re not sure why she or anyone on her team finds it necessary to do any retouching at all. We’re not sure who the culprit is, but at the very least, if you’re going to Photoshop something, try not to make it so obvious.

[h/t Celebuzz]