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WATCH: This Guy Parodies Fashion Bloggers and Totally Nails It

Ah, the #OOTD (that’s Outfit of the Day for those not fluent in Tweetstagramish). It’s a staple of all female personal style bloggers, a daily reminder that girls on the Internet are putting way more effort into their outfits than you are. 

Well, BuzzFeed Yellow is here to show you that #OOTDs, they’re not just for vainglorious gals — they can also work for schlubby dudes…or…not. Here, @Joshypartyanimal186 brings you a guy’s answer to Outfit of the Day videos, done hilariously and pretty spot-on. In it, he shows off a very normcore look: dirty T-shirt, gray jeans and gray socks. 

Want to know where to get @Joshypartyanimal186’s outfit? Well, you’re out of luck because he bought it “like, eight years ago.” We think the preferred term for such items is “vintage.”

Watch the hilarious video above! 

Image: @Joshypartyanimal186