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Miss World Australia Addresses Controversial ANZAC-Themed Costume

Miss World Australia 2014, Courtney Thorpe, has spoken about how she hopes the Australian public will react to her ANZAC-themed national costume today on The Morning Show.

Although the outfit is yet to be unveiled, The Herald Sun has reported it will be a khaki-green pant suit inspired by the ANZAC women’s uniform and designed by Julie Sufi of Belluccio. “Because it’s the 100th year anniversary of the ANZACs, my costume will be very reflective of them, and paying a tribute to them,” Courtney explained in the interview.

When cohost Kylie Gillies mentioned the outfit could cause some controversy, Courtney suggested that’s pretty much a given with every one of these pageants. “I think the national costume is renowned for causing controversy no matter what we do,” she said. “‘I’m hoping that this one, though, the Australian public will see that we’ve tried to be very, very sensitive to the ANZACs.”

The costume was actually meant to be unveiled in newspaper and TV campaigns today. But because Courtney is much more than a pretty face, she withheld the reveal after discovering historical errors in the outfit. The Brisbane beauty noticed the accessories weren’t quite right, with naval medals from World War II and an Akubra instead of a slouch hat.

“My family does have military background as well, so it’s something close to my heart,” Courtney told The Morning Show. “I’ve also been very aware of making sure that everything was accurate.” Although they are yet to consult with the RSL, Courtney said they have planned to make sure everything is in the right position.

Courtney will compete against 130 other beautiful women from around the world in London on December 14, 2014.