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Moschino, What Did You Do to Barbie’s Hair?

Moschino showgoers got a little treat today and no, it wasn’t french fry shaped iPhone covers or anything mildly practical at all. This time, guests received a Moschino-branded Barbie doll, clad in a pretty badass pink zipper moto jacket and matching pencil skirt with an extended zip fly that folded over into a waistband. It’s a good thing Barbie doesn’t have human proportions or any actual genitalia because, my, my, that dip’s a little low.

Showgoers have been Tweeting and Instagramming up a storm over the dolls, and they’re pretty cute, but we couldn’t help but wonder: What’s going on with Barbie’s hair?

Barbie has rocked all manner of hairstyles, good and bad. But Coke can curls all pinned up in the style of Medusa? We’re not sure if it’s doing Barbie justice. 

At least her outfit is cute…

 [h/t @janegrazia]