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Kim Kardashian Really Wants to Be on Downton Abbey

Image: Mario Mistis/

Image: Mario Mistis/

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the small screen, but it sounds like the reality star is looking to flex the acting chops she’s picked up on the likely semi-scripted Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And where is Kimmy hoping to show off her skills as a thespian? Wheel of FortuneLove & Hip Hop Hollywood? In a dramatization on Snapped? No, silly, Kim has loftier goals than that.

The reality star is said to be interested in appearing on the critically-acclaimed series with real-life actors Downton Abbey because…she thinks it would be really cool to take selfies in period costume? Apparently, Kim told The Sun she’s a “big fan” of the period drama, saying, “I’d love to be on if they asked. I love things like that.” 

But can she act? As far as we’re concerned, Kim can do anything she wants. And we’d love to see her fake a working class British accent — obviously she would be cast as a servant to show her acting range. Kim is used to being rich! Plus, we’re curious to see what Kim would look like as a Welsh country bumpkin, trying to work an aerosol can for the first time. 

So, um…please someone make this happen STAT.

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