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The Bachelor’s Louise Nailed the Polished Look Every Time

What just happened? Did he not see the Zamel’s? It was a tough job saying goodbye to the super-sweet Louise Pillidge on The Bachelor tonight. Really tough. We’ll easily miss her mega grin, signature red lips, and, of course, her ability to look impeccable at all times.

Her profile for the show says “she prides herself on looking polished,” which isn’t surprising because the event planner never had a single hair out of place. There’s a reason the other contestants called her ‘Stepford’, and it wasn’t just because of her wifely baking skills.

She had some pretty sophisticatedly stylish moments on the show, turning to elegant gowns and super-sweet ensembles which undoubtedly won Blake Garvey‘s attention time and time again.

If, like us, you’re struggling to part ways, you can always follow the girl’s Instagram for your never-ending Louise fix.