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Designer Roland Mouret Wants You to Have More Sex

Roland Mouret

Image: WENN

Think of the best fashion tips you’ve ever heard. Now throw them out the window. In a recent interview with Red magazine, designer Roland Mouret opened up about his friendship with Victoria Beckham, making the Galaxy dress for “women who need to wear bras” and why he went broke. But it was his honest and empowering insights about style and the female form that really got our attention. Here are our favorite words of wisdom:

On his “training”: “You know, I’ve learnt everything about fashion in bed. I’ve been touching so many bodies to know how to dress them up. I think I translate ‘touch’ into clothes.”

On the real reason we dress up: “There is something about the body shape that’s become part of my signature silhouette. Dresses are for undressing. We all dress up to undress.”

On women’s relationship to their bodies: “They don’t really like their upper arms, oh, and they don’t like their thighs. In fact, most women don’t like a lot about their bodies. We have such a problem with body dysmorphia in our society and women as young as 30 have the impression that they’ve started to lose it. I think it’s weird.”

On what women should do if his dress isn’t doing the trick: “Then you need to have sex. You may lack confidence when you look at yourself in the mirror but the moment you see yourself through the eyes of your lover, you start to change. An outfit can do the trick but having sex with somebody you love is much better.”

Now that’s some style advice we can get into.