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Watch: Rick Owens Doesn’t Sketch or Use Mood Boards

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

Rick Owens is gearing up to show his Spring 2015 collection in Paris this week and before the designer’s latest hits the catwalk, The New York Times visited him at his studio in Paris. We discover a lot about Owens’ process – he doesn’t sketch anything and he doesn’t use mood boards to lay out his designs.

Owens says his aversion to the designer staple comes from a desire to keep an air of mystery around his works in progress. “A mood board would just explain too much to everybody,” he says. “I don’t want everybody to know what my composition is about and where my references came from. And also, I don’t want the literal example of my references in front of me. I like having references that are vague that I kind of force myself to have to use as a memory instead of a visual example.”

Watch Owens at work in his studio below.

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