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Watch: Alexa Chung Visits Tavi Gevinson at Home

Image: WireImage/Getty Images

Image: WireImage/Getty Images

Tavi Gevinson has always been mature for her age, but now that she’s 18 and at the helm of her own publication as well as starring in a Broadway play, it’s clear that the pint-sized Style Rookie is all grown up. And the best part about entering adulthood? Being nostalgic about your childhood.

Vogue U.K. got Alexa Chung to visit Tavi in the Chicago house she grew up in, taking us inside the This Is Our Youth star’s bedroom. We find a sizable book collection (none of which are “vanity books” according to Tavi, since she’s “an intellectual”) and an inspiration wall decorated with pictures of Salt-N-Pepa. In her closet, which she shares with her Goodwill shopping-obsessed mother, are vintage disco dresses she’s saving for a night of dancing in New York City. Tavi, you can come out with us anytime.

Check out the video below.

[via Vogue UK]