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Are Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy Already Married?

Some folks document their weddings on national television, others do them in private. And it looks like Mary-Kate Olsen is part of the latter group, now that photos have surfaced of her and her beau, Olivier Sarkozy, sporting what looks like wedding rings. 

The pair were recently spied enjoying a bite outdoors in the Hamptons, Sarkozy tenderly feeding Ms. Olsen a sandwich (guy’s a keeper, if you ask us), with gold bands glinting on each of their left ring fingers.

If they got married in secret, we don’t blame them. The Olsen Twins have been famous since birth and the union of a child star-cum-award-winning fashion designer and the wealthy brother of the former President of France is a paparazzi nightmare just waiting to happen. It’s a great move for the couple, although we’ve got to admit, we would have loved to see what MK wore on her big day. 

Mary-Kate kept pretty mum about her engagement, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she and her likely now-husband kept the wedding hush-hush.

At any rate, it looks like congratulations are in order for the couple!

[h/t ELLE]