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Victoria Beckham Is Now a UN Ambassador

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

It seems like these days, being named a U.N. ambassador is the look for the celeb set. Emma Watson had pretty much everyone swooning over her “game-changing” speech about feminism during the U.N.’s #HeForShe event last weekend. Victoria Beckham is the latest celebrity to snag the esteemed title as the newest UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador.

“I’m a passionate supporter of women. I want to support women, I want to empower women and I believe that everybody has the right to a healthy life,” she said at a press conference announcing her new role. Victoria has been quite an active advocate for HIV/AIDS afflicted mothers. She recently auctioned off items from her personal wardrobe in partnership with The Outnet. Proceeds from that benefited the mothers2mothers charity, which helps HIV-infected mothers get proper medical treatment to keep them from passing on the virus to their babies. 

This latest partnership with the U.N. is clearly a way for the designer to continue her work. “I’m a mother. I’m a woman. I want to do whatever it is that I can do to lend my voice, raise awareness.” She credits a recent trip to South Africa as her inspiration for getting involved with the organization.

“I went to Cape Town and I was so touched by the women that I met, I felt inspired and I came home and I knew I had to do something…every woman out there has the right to health and every woman has the right to give her children a healthy future.”

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