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Kim Kardashian’s Attacker Targets Ciara at Valentino Today

Pranker in male thong grabbing Ciara

Image: GC Images/Getty Images

OK, someone has GOT to stop this Vitalii Sediuk guy. 

Last week, he caused a ruckus before the Balmain show when he attempted to pull Kim Kardashian down to the ground by her legs. But it seems that Sediuk can’t stop, won’t stop acting a fool and has set his sights on another celebrity PFW showgoer, Ciara. As the “Body Party” singer posed for pictures outside the Valentino show, a thong-clad Sediuk came over to join her in a photo and got way too close. He’s pictured snuggled up against the singer, and we’re pretty sure his junk at least touched her leg. *Shudder*

When a curious TMZ reporter asked why he would do such a thing, he replied, “It’s a portrait,” pointing to his leg, on which he’d painted the words “Ban in USA but I rock Chanel” (whatever that means), before sending his regards to Kim Kardashian. Ick. 

Image: GC Images/Getty Images

Image: GC Images/Getty Images

Poor Cici — leave the woman alone! She’s already going through a breakup while raising her infant son. The last  thing she needs right now is some jerk in a thong pushing himself on her without her consent. Sediuk’s pranks often toe the line of sexual assault. He famously tried to kiss Will Smith on the red carpet and earlier this year he crawled underneath America Ferrera‘s dress. After punching Brad Pitt in the face, he was banned from red carpet events in the U.S.

As for the Parisian authorities, they plan to handle this situation exactly as they handled Kim’s attack: By doing absolutely nothing.

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