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Ashley Hart Looked Like Malibu Barbie on Dancing with the Stars Last Night

Did you watch Dancing with the Stars last night? If not, shame on you. Haven’t you heard it’s the best lineup yet? They’ve tapped the usual athletes, Home & Away stars, and (music to our ears) supermodels including Ashley Hart.

Ashley kicked things off with her dance partner Julz Tocker, who played Malibu Ken to her Malibu Barbie. The whole thing was hilarious, really. The dancing duo set the scene with Julz shimmying around in a pile of sand, while Ashley lay on her sunbed in one of the most ridiculous outfits we’ve ever seen.

The Mix Apparel model rocked a blue-belted ra-ra for the cha-cha, and a matching crop adorned with bright pink and yellow embellishments. It was her retro sunnies, disco hoop earrings and rolled-back waves which really finished the look, though. Meanwhile Julz was rocking an open Hawaiian shirt, because abs.

Ashley’s dancing skills were mediocre, because there must be some justice in this world. Luckily, some judges weren’t as focused on the quality of her routine as they were on her hotness. Judge Todd McKenney said, “You’re both bombshells together,” while Helen Richey noted, “Ashley, you look absolutely beautiful.”

Kym Johnson really let Ashley have the compliments. “Ashley, you just light up the dancefloor. But you’d sort of light up any room you walked into, because you are drop dead gorgeous,” she said. “Those legs, my goodness!” Um, she’s a model remember?