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Mambo Just Released a Really Weird Summer 2014 Campaign

We’re not sure what just happened. Mambo toasts its 30th birthday this year, and have put together a really weird Summer 2014 campaign video for the celebration. They’ve tapped a cast of Australian and international talent, including model Caitlyn Paterson and Puberty Blues hunk Sean Keenan, to do some super strange and questionable activities for the clip shot in NSW’s Northern Beaches.

Caitlyn and her super hot model friend, Sports Illustrated‘s Nina Agdal, kick off the video by posing with bananas alongside a very stoked Sean. He’s just really happy to be there, you guys. Then there’s a bunch of girl-on-girl cuddling and hose waterfights between the attractive trio before shit gets really weird.

The babes start hitchhiking (which we definitely don’t condone), because apparently they’re “going nowhere”. They even try to hitch a flag down an ambulance. Classy. Marriage material for sure.

Then funny man Sean pulls out baguettes for arms, which he eats, and then weeps at the injustice. Fun is in store for the apparent amputee, though, who regains possession of his limbs to share a blow-up pool date with Nina, bouquets of red grapes, floaties, and rubber duckies included.

Problem is, we didn’t really catch the Summer 2014 designs amongst all the loose-cannon commotion. Considering all the scenarios which went down, we imagine it’s a pretty extensive collection. Mambo’s also affordable, so you might want to grab a swimsuit or two when it drops in-store this month.

Be sure to watch the short film below, which, we forgot to mention, was directed by the three Mambo ambassadors themselves.