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How to Walk in Heels, Courtesy of Cara Delevingne

Sky-scraping heels aren’t the easiest to walk in at the best of times. Now, imagine being a model and having to perform a perfect walk in front of quite possibly the most judging type of crowd around. Trips and slips do happen and can be embarrassing when you’re walking down the most famous runways in the world.

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Image: Imaxtree

Admitting that you’re a girl who can’t really walk in heels isn’t easy. Cara Delevingne confessed to W Magazine that “it took me so long to learn to walk in high heels it was a joke.” So, what’s the trick to mastering the perfect modelesque high heel walk? Cara revealed that her secret is to “walk like you’re having sex and like you’ve had loads of sex.”

To be honest, it’s not a tip that we entirely understand, but it’s something that we’ll try to bear in mind on Saturday nights as we don our heels for the evening. 

[h/t Daily Mail]