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Retailers Considering Larger Pants Pockets for New iPhones

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

Get ready for deeper pockets, because they could be coming to a pair of pants near you. Now that Apple has launched the ginormous iPhone 6 Plus, brands are starting to reconsider their designs to accommodate the device’s 5.5″ size. Samsung Galaxy users might wonder, “Where was this when we bought our phones two years ago?” We guess you can chalk this revelation up to the Apple effect. 

Customers have been complaining they can’t fit their new fancy iPhones in their jean pockets, and when they do manage to stuff their devices in there, sometimes the phone itself bends. At this point, retailers are pretty much forced to explore ways to keep your precious mobile device in your pocket without any problems. Quite a few brands are starting to consider designing larger pockets on their pants, now that more people than ever will be toting around mega-large phones and phablets. 

Uniqlo told Quartz that it is actively meeting to discuss the issue and is thinking of tweaking the pockets on its jeans. Lee Jeans says it’s working on more tech portability options in its clothing: “It’s something that we always are considering, in terms of the functionality of our garments. Of course, we’re always going to make sure that we’re going for something that’s flattering for the consumer…but we’re always thinking about how she wears the garment, what occasion she’s wearing the jeans for and what she needs to just make them work for her everyday life.”

American Eagle says its men’s jeans are already pretty large, although it is evaluating women’s pockets, which tend to be smaller. Actually, it seems as if most men’s pants fit the phones quite nicely. Mashable found these Vines that showcase the extremely shallow pockets on women’s jeans, so there is lots of room for change in that area. Women tend to be smaller and carry their effects in handbags, so that could be a reason why women’s pants pockets are so small. 

At any rate, it’s clear that the future mobile phone will be a lot heftier than its predecessors if this trend continues, and it’s up to the rest of us to adapt. 

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