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Is Fashion Designer Lisa Back on The Bachelor’s Blake’s Radar?

Lisa The Bachelor

Photo: Tenplay

Everyone’s been going nuts as to why Channel 10 cancelled all media interviews in the lead-up to The Bachelor finale last night, which saw Blake Garvey get down on one knee for Sam Frost and send Lisa Hyde packing. Now we know why. It’s been confirmed that Blake and Sam have split up, just hours after the finale aired. Sam confirmed the split herself in an irate tweet, and we have a sneaking suspicion that runner-up fashion designer Lisa could be back on the scene.

KIIS 106.5 radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O are speculating that Blake could be chasing a former contestant, and were told by “Lisa’s friend’s boyfriend” that the two are now back in contact. It’s a believable scenario, especially after Bachie’s grown-man sob when sending Lisa home last night. We’re talking full-on tears, complete with a quivering lip. He hated seeing the back of her.



In an interview we had with Lisa last week, the down-to-earth brunette had only good words to say about Blake. “He is such a caring guy, and we get along really well,” she says. But Sam isn’t being as friendly, and can’t even make sense of her split with Blake.

If Blake’s “calling all the shots,” does this mean he has to choose between Lisa and Sam all over again? Oh, how we enjoy a good love triangle.