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Aussie Fashion Bloggers Team up with Chiara Ferragni for Top Secret Photo Shoot

Paris Fashion Week may have wrapped up, but fashion bloggers are still frolicking around in the city of love because, unlike leading fashion editors, they don’t have demanding offices to get back to.

Nicole Warne and Zanita Whittington have been spotted with Chiara Ferragni during a 12-hour photo shoot in Paris, but none of the trio are budging to reveal what the project is all about. Whatever it is, it’s big.

Gary Pepper’s Nicole wrote, “12 hours later and we’ve just finished one of, if not the most, important photo shoots of our careers!” to her Instagram, while Zanita’s read, “New career highlight! Working with these two talented superstars in Paris on something extremely exciting.”

The suspense is killing us. If you’ve got any theories as to what these leading bloggers were working on, we’re all ears.