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Lady Gaga Talks Her New Tattoo and That Meat Dress with Fans on Reddit

Image: @ladygaga

Image: @ladygaga

Lady Gaga has had a pretty eventful 24 hours. She stopped by a tattoo shop to get some new, slightly terrifying ink done and this morning, she hosted an ask me anything session on Reddit. While the singer managed to skip over hardball questions, like why she associates with alleged sexual predators R.Kelly and Terry Richardson, she did answer a few burning inquiries from her fans. And she did it in the most Gaga way possible. 

Here’s what we found out about the singer:

On her new tattoo:My favorite tattoo is the one I got last night in Hamburg, its [sic] the Monster Paw, the symbol of my fans as they have held their paws high in the crowd every night since we became a community. I cherish it for its meaning, the loyalty, devotion, and strength we share. I wanted it engraved on me forever, <3.”

The meaning behind that infamous meat dress: “But there was a message behind that dress. I wore it attending the VMA’S [sic] with gay discharged soldiers from the military to make a statement. When we die, the meat on our bones bears no sexuality, no difference. We should not discriminate against those willing to give their life to protect Americans. Because when our lives are taken, we are meat all the same.”

She was named after a fern: “Its [sic] pretty cool, especially since its [sic] it is a-sexual [sic] fern, there are 19 species contained within the genus. All sexless, judgeless, How cool. How I wish to be.”

She may be a born and bred New York East Coast liberal, but Gaga loves to play with guns, just like any down-home “real” American: “I also like to shoot beer cans off the porch in PA with my bf, off our camo 4-wheeler.”

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