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Elyse Taylor Calls Plus-Size Model a “F***ing Retard” Over Questionable Instagram Post

Elyse Taylor

Photo: Wendell Teodoro/WireImage

In the world of modelling, we’d say Elyse Taylor flies pretty safely under the radar. But not today. Today Jessica Hart‘s buddy got bitchy, calling someone a “f***ing retard” over a difference of opinion regarding a controversial Instagram post (UPDATE 10/10/14: The post has now been deleted. Screenshot below.).

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

It was all in a bid to defend the above picture by the newly launched All My Friends Are Models’ website, which was posted in the early hours of this morning, October 8. Body image activist and “plus-size” model, Jessica Lewis, was not a fan. “Gross. Lame LAME post. This is exactly the kind of image the industry is fighting being associated with. Fashion circa the 90’s. Get with it,” Jessica commented.

But it wasn’t long before Elyse fired back at Jessica’s mix of disgruntled comments. “Ohmygod! What a f***ing retard it’s two kids it’s a joke!” Read part of the post below. Although Elyse’s comment wasn’t clearly directed at anyone, we can assume it was in response to Jessica as she was the only one to actually criticise the post.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Elyse then went on to make a further mockery of Jessica. “Can I call you so we can laugh about this,” she wrote. “Of all the things on the internet apparently this is offensive lol”.

Poor Jessica kept to herself after Elyse’s comment, but Dean Leibowitz, Managing Director at All My Friends Are Models, commended Elyse’s behaviour. “@elysetaylor1 your too funny!!”.

If Elyse really wants to talk about what’s “offensive”, she might reconsider using words like “retard” inappropriately. Say what you will, but we don’t think using words like that is funny at all. They’re all obviously entitled to their opinions, but at least Jessica was tactful about hers.

UPDATE 10/10/14: All My Friends Are Models have since deleted the offending Instagram post, and provided a statement to theFashionSpot apologising for the way the situation was handled. Read the full statement below:

I am the editor of the magazine and I would like to formerly apologize for the situation above. This is the complete opposite message we are trying to portray and it has been handled very poorly. Elyse acted defensively and didn’t mean to disrespect Jessica personally. She is sincerely sorry for this comment. She herself deals with a great amount of bullying and attacks in social media, and genuinely acted irrationally at what she thought was an attack at someone close to her.

I was communicating with Jess personally and we had a very amicable discussion about the post and how she felt about it. The additional comments were unfair and I am sorry that they were posted. We are sincerely apologetic about it. Please know that we are trying to create open and honest voices for the models – and hope this is not a reflection of what we represent.”