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Riding in Cars with Yohji Yamamoto


The auto industry needs Yohji Yamamoto. The Japanese designer was recently filmed by director Matthew Donaldson while cruising to Tokyo’s Aoyama Cemetery, a stone’s throw from his flagship shop. Inside his 80s Nissan Cedric, Yamamoto waxed poetic about his wheels. “It is the only moment [when] I can become myselfwhen I drive a car,” he said. “A car is like a girlfriend. So, it’s nice to just look at her, or ride with her. It means a lot.”

The over three-minute short for NOWNESS features music performed by the designer and is the first installment in a series called “Getting There.” “I like glamour, but I also want to have a low profile,” he told NOWNESS. “I find modern car design so ugly, so I found this car on the internet.” Mitsubishi, are you watching?