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Secret Service Pulls Jenna Lyons and Vera Wang Aside Outside White House Party

Images: FilmMagic/Getty Images

Images: FilmMagic/Getty Images

Some random, criminal record-having guy armed with a gun getting on an elevator with President Barack Obama? Totally OK by the Secret Service’s standards. Unarmed Vera Wang and Jenna Lyons attending a party they were invited to at the White House? UNACCEPTABLE.

Last night, Michelle Obama wrapped up her Fashion Education Workshop with a party several designers were invited to. Apparently, when the two guests tried to enter the event, Secret Service agents pulled them aside because they received the wrong information on both women’s identification. According to Page Six, “Attendees were supposed to send in their Social Security, passport or drivers license numbers. For some reason the Secret Service had the wrong information for Vera.” 

A source says the guards “pulled Vera and Jenna aside and out of the line because of an issue with the guest list. After being held 20 minutes off to the side, they were both finally allowed in, but it was embarrassing.” Indeed. We understand the need for security, but considering Lyons sat on a panel at the White House just hours before the party, it seems a little strange that there would be a mix-up so shortly after. 

But then again, considering the Secret Service’s recent slip-ups, it’s understandable why they might be extra careful these days. Just recently, a man hopped the White House fence brandishing a knife. Between that huge misstep and the aforementioned elevator-gate, maybe they were just trying to avoid another egregious incident.

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