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Penélope Cruz Is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive

What’s sexier than Penélope Cruz? Nothing — although bullfighting may be equally as sexy to the folks at Esquire. The lad mag has named the actress as this year’s Sexiest Woman Alive and while you would expect the accompanying article to tout her sexiness (it does), it also talks a lot about bullfighting — a lot.


Image: Esquire

Indeed, more than half of the piece, penned by Chris Jones, is about bullfighting. Yep, we get it: Penélope is Spanish and Spanish people like bullfighting. Throughout the interview, Penélope is eating what sounds like a delicious steak, so the connection is there, too. Plus it seems as if the actress wasn’t giving the writer much to work with. No wonder he had to focus on the death-for-sport of a large bovine in order to fill the word count quota. The sections actually profiling the actress just describe how pretty she is and that she wouldn’t elaborate on the details of her life. But we guess it’s Penélope’s mysterious nature that makes her so appealing.

[via Esquire]