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Inside By Caprice Lingerie’s Fall 2014 Collection

Everybody knows at least one person who can seem to do no wrong, with each success leading to another. Caprice can definitely be considered one of those people. Boasting a host of achievements, the once most-photographed-woman-in-the-world seemed to effortlessly transition into an equally successful businesswoman, thanks to her leading lingerie company By Caprice.

Founded in 2006, By Caprice Lingerie aims to create lingerie that is utterly desirable with the added bonus of being completely affordable. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s been such a hit.

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Images: Courtesy of By Caprice Lingerie

Her Fall 2014 collection just dropped at selected retailers, such as Very, Littlewoods and ASOS, and if you’re in need of spicing up your underwear collection, then it’s most definitely worth a peek. Covering a palette of blue, pink, red or alternatively timeless black that make for a sumptuous feel, the styles are also cleverly designed to flatter a multitude of different body shapes. Standout pieces include the texture contrast Savanna bra along with the matching briefs in vivid purple and elegant black, which would make great Christmas treats.

By Caprice’s fall collection is the perfect way to add a little bit of glamour into your everyday outfits without anyone being the wiser, which is of course what makes it all the more fun! You can peruse more of the collection over at Very or if you want to go behind the scenes at the Fall 2014 shoot, watch the special video below.