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Amber Valletta Reminisces About Hanging Out with Supermodels in the 90s

Amber Valletta

Image: WENN

Ready for your daily dose of fashion nostalgia? There were few times in fashion history better for models than the 90s and the dawn of the supermodel. It catapulted models into a new realm of celebrity and it’s a time that fashionphiles love to harken back to, especially now that it’s headline news if an actual model makes the cover of a magazine over a celebrity starlet. 

Amber Valletta sat down with Into the Gloss to share some of her beauty picks. As we know, no supermodel interview is complete without a story of the days of yore – and Valletta was happy to share one. In the interview, she recounts her early days of modeling, fraternizing with already-established supers as well as up-and-comers: 

Shalom [Harlow] and I were living together then, and one day she brought Kate Moss over to the apartment and was like ‘I just met this cute little girl, we fell in love on this shoot, we’re friends.’ Kate didn’t even have Calvin Klein yet! The three of us would just kind of skulk around everywhere. Then the big girls—Linda, Christy, and Naomi—started being nice to us and showing us the ropes. It was so different—we probably weren’t treated as well as models are now, but I don’t think they have as much fun as we did.”

Aww, always warms our hearts to hear of models playing nicely together.

[via Into the Gloss]