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Watch: Baz Luhrmann’s Gatsby-Inspired Chanel No. 5 Short Film

Baz Luhrmann‘s much-anticipated Chanel No. 5 short starring Gisele Bündchen is finally here – and it’s heavy on the Gatsby undertones. The film depicts a brooding Michiel Huisman trying to lure Giselle away from her husband and kid to be with him because he loves her. Yes, it sounds a lot like The Great Gatsby, a story Luhrmann adapted for the screen last year, and the similarities are not lost on the director. 

“They [Gisele and mystery husband] live in the Hamptons. They cross that same bridge the Buchanans do. They spend time in New York nightclubs. They’ve hit a spot in their marriage,” he told the Telegraph. Does Daisy love her husband or not? That’s the question Fitzgerald leaves unanswered…but, really, this is about updating what we did with Nicole. Back then it seemed right to put work at the forefront. Now? It seemed more honest for her to have doubts. The idea of having it all and what that means seems interesting…”

The three-minute film has Luhrmann’s signature dazzling visuals and, of course, Gisele looks absolutely gorgeous through the whole thing. Check it out above.

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