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Fashion Bloggers, Episode 1 Recap: Free Clothes, Designer Run-Ins and Dream Interns

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Last night we were let in to the “real” world of Sara Donaldson, Margaret Zhang, Zanita Whittington, Kate Waterhouse and Amanda Shadforth, when new doco-series Fashion Bloggers premiered on our television screens. If you missed the riveting first episode we’re here to fill you in, one designer name-drop at a time.

Fashion Bloggers

The show’s debut surrounded the hype and activities for NYFW, meaning Kate and Oracle Fox’s Amanda were sadly stripped of air time because they didn’t actually go. We met Amanda’s assistant, and saw Kate’s freakin’ home-sweet-mansion fit for a Vogue shoot, featuring Chanel and Christian Dior. But then it was back to the younger, hip and happening bloggers and their demanding NYFW schedules.

Fashion Bloggers

First let’s talk about Sara, the brunette with a sorority-girl voice we never expected. It turns out her blog, Harper & Harley, is actually her baby, almost literally. It’s stolen the names of her two future children — or her dogs, whichever came first.

 If she does happen to give birth to nameless dogs or babies in the future, we suspect she’ll want Dion Lee to baby-daddy them.

Seriously, if we had to drink a shot every time Sara mentioned the Aussie designer, we wouldn’t have made it till the end of the show. It all became very clear to us when Sara stopped by Golightly PR for “some” Dion Lee freebies ahead of NYFW, including a groundbreaking piece which Sara described as having “spaghetti strap kind things.”

Fashion Bloggers

She greedily heaped a pile of clothes together before coyly asking Golightly’s Alanna Quinn, “That’s not too many?” If Vogue or Harper’s want those samples they’ll just have to wait, because fashion bloggers. But Sara’s happy, because now she’s front-row ready for her main man Dion.

“They’re sitting me front row at Dion Lee, which is AWESOME,” she gushed.

 Fast forward to the Dion Lee NYFW show, where Sara struggled to keep it in her pants, or midi skirt, we suppose, as she awkwardly waited in line and congratulate the designer in person.

Fashion Bloggers

Her Dion Lee high was shattered when the “eccentric” Zanita expressed her hopes for a more “eccentric” range because her style’s so darn “eccentric”. Sara was baffled. How could anyone diss her man like that? She tried her best to laugh it off, though. Bless.

Fashion Bloggers

Meanwhile, Margaret was gallivanting around NYC with a few high-flyers of her own. She had a cocktail date with Aimee and Dani Song, who are apparently always like “hey, girl!”. There were a few buying appointments, plus a photo shoot, modelled by hers truly, with Then there was this cute little backstage sesh with Diane Von Furstenberg. 

Fashion Bloggers

“That colour is great on you,” said the Shine By Three blogger, probably without thinking. She quickly remembered who had more authority in the conversation (hint: it’s the one who’s been in the fashion industry before she was even born) and redeemed herself. “I love your work,” Margaret gushed awkwardly. OK, quick, get out of there before you make a (bigger) dick of yourself!

Zanita was too busy being “eccentric” to embarrass herself in front of any designers, but she did manage to fit in a Tommy Hilfiger fitting with the help of her “dream intern”. STOP IT. These bloggers have interns!

Fashion Bloggers

But what do these dream interns do? Oh, they just help them decide what to wear. No biggie. “I need someone to bounce off otherwise I’m going to have too many thoughts running through my head,” Zanita said.

Much fashion. Little time. Until next time, blogettes.

Fashion Bloggers airs Wednesdays at 8.30pm, on The Style Network.